Changes in subscription

WatchThatPage is still free for smaller accounts but larger accounts have to pay for the service!

At 8. October 2017, we will limit how many weekly page downloads you have depending on your account type.
E.g. if you watch 10 pages per day, 7 days a week, that will be 70 weekly downloads. This is still within the limit for a free service.
If you watch 50 pages every weekday, but 4 times a day, that will be 50 x 5 x 4 = 1000 weekly downloads.
Note that the option Halt email updates in your profile will still require us to download the page every day, as you might want to see the changes on Your Changes. So it counts as a daily download.

At this page you will se a table for the account type, price and weekly downloads limit.
Note if you get to a certain account type, you will also get Priority, which means you will put in the head of the line when our servers are checking your differences. And you are competing with a lot of others.

You can see your current weekly downloads in Your Profile and on Your Pages

Users which already have a priority account has automatically been upgraded in the new system.

So what happens if you already have a lot of pages, and you do not want to pay for all these pages? We will set a random set of you pages passive until you are on your allowed limit. The pages will still be on your list, but we will not download and check these pages. You can select which of your pages should be active by first setting some of your pages passive, and then set other pages active.

You can set up your subscription already now:

Why is this happening?
WTP is paid for and maintained by two individuals, and we have been providing this service for free for 17 years.
This has cost us quite a lot of money in hardware and infrastructure, and we have spent a significant number of hours to make and maintain the system. We thought that the time has come to not lose more of our own money on WTP, and that the bigger users could contribute a bit. Still 90% of the accounts will be free.
We also want to thank those few who have voluntarily made donations over the years!
Kjell and Olav.

Yearly subscription price

LevelWeekly downloadsPriorityUSDEURGBPCAD
920000Yes 150.0124.0114.0183.0
1040000Yes 200.0166.0152.0244.0