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Monitor pages, extract new information

WatchThatPage is a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page. You can specify when the changes will be collected, so they are fresh when you want to read them. The service is free!*
*Professional and heavy users are requested to pay a fee. See terms & conditions

With WatchThatPage you can make your own newsletter customized with the information important to you, from the sources of your choice. Competitors, partners, online news and magazines, reports, events. Any page on the Internet can be watched. There is nothing to download to use WatchThatPage. All the heavy work is done on our server. All you have to do is to register your profile, and add the pages you want to watch. From now on, just lean back and let the updates come to you.

The process

WatchThatPage gives you several options for how you want to monitor the Internet. You can get all the new content collected in one email, or separated into several emails, i.e. to sort the information on different topics or importance. You can receive all changes, or just changes that match keywords you specify. You can get daily updates, or customize the updates to the weekdays of your choice. If you want, we can keep the emails short and only tell you which pages did change, and leave it up to you to visit the pages yourself and find the changes. We can inform you about pages that are unreachable.

With WatchThatPage you can specify when to check for changes, so you are sure to get fresh changes i.e. when you get to work in the morning. You can also get several updates every day. We update on your demand.

You can install a special bookmark or button in our browser, so you can add pages to your WTP account while surfing the net. Read more about this.

Take a look at an example of a typical email. You can also get a guided tour of the WatchThatPage service.

WatchThatPage is the only service of its kind that can extract new information from multiple web pages, and present the collected changes to the user in an email friendly, easy readable way.

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If you want to inform your customers when your pages change, you can use the WatchThatPage notifier mechanism free of charge.

You can also get statistics about interest for your site!

Help us keep this service running!
Donate 20 USD and get PRIORITY!
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[13 Feb, 2017]

Power outage
Loss of electricity caused hours of downtime.
[05 Oct, 2016]

ISP having network problems
Our ISP is experiencing problems. Service outages may occur.
[29 Apr, 2016]

ISP doing stupid things
ISP blocked outgoing emails erroneously. We engineered around it.
[03 Dec, 2015]

New IP address
Got new IP address for our front server. Led to some downtime.
[20. Nov, 2015]

Huge power outage
Huge power outage in Oslo and Barum brought the service down.
[18. Nov, 2015]

Hard disks replaced
New disks in place. Erratic updates today. Should be better tomorrow.
[28. Jan, 2015]

Problems with hard disks
Three out of four disks for the store of watched pages broken. New disks ordered. Updates may be erratic and slow.
[23. Jan, 2015]

Problems with mail server
Due to summer holliday it took us some time to fix it.
[3. Aug, 2014]

Problems with server
Server problems combined with summer holliday has given two days of downtime. Up again now.
[1. July, 2014]

Problems with back end server
Some software problems with a server. Service may be reduced. [19. November, 2013]

Disk problem
A hard disk on the back end server is failing. Updates may miss some pages.
[17. June, 2013]

New server online
The previous server which broke down has finally been replaced by a brand new server.
[21. April, 2013]

Backend server problems
Backend server broken. Customers may experience reduced services.
[13. January, 2013]

Power outage
Power outage. Many hours of downtime.
[12. January, 2013]

Disk problem
Problems with a disk on backend. Again. Will be fixed today.
[21. December, 2012]

Disk and network problem
Problems with a disk on backend server that when fixed left us with a network problem has left us with a problem this weekend.
[16. December, 2012]

Disk problem
Problems with a disk on backend server. Hope to get it fixed before the week end. Hopefully our customers will not be affected.
[26. January, 2012]

Comcast blocking our emails
Comcast is currently blocking our update emails as spam. Hopefully the problem will go away in a couple of days. Nothing we can do about it.
[01. January, 2012]

Maintenance and disk trouble
A quick server sw upgrade and reboot also revealed a defective hard disk. Disk changed but a few hours of down time.
[19. August, 2011]

Mailserver listed in SORBS
Our email server has been listed as spam server on SORBS [www.sorbs.net]. Problem usually goes away by itself after a few days.
[14. June, 2011]

Problems with mails to yahoo
Emails to yahoo.com and addresses hosted by them are currently being blocked by yahoo. Hopefully this will go over by itself.
[19. January, 2011]

Server fixed
We have managed to fix the server and operations should be back to normal.
[3. January, 2011]

Server failure
The main server for sending updates short circuted last night and is completely dead. We are working on a replacement. You might find the service slower than usual as we are on a backup solution.
[2. January, 2011]

Power outage
Power outage yesterday. Some problems with the internet router. Up now.
[21. December, 2010]

3 cheers
The service and virtual server from www.linode.com is great!
Our email server at linode based on postfix and centos is great!
Nice giving praise for once. And yes: We are nerds.
[29. October, 2010]

Sending updates again
Our ISP really sabotaged us. Shame on vikenfiber.no.
We have now set up our own, external, email server at linode.com.
More costs for us. But we hope a better solution.
[14. October, 2010]

ISP Problems
Mix up from our ISP blocks our outgoing emails. Will be fixed tomorrow.
[12. October, 2010]

New server up and running
Almost completely configured and up.
[11. October, 2010]

Defective HW
Our main server broke. Bought a new server. Getting it into shape.
[10. October, 2010]

Problems with @free.fr again
Same problem.
[19. March, 2010]

Problems with @free.fr
The mail server @free.fr is blockin emails from our ISP. Usually such problems go away after a few days.
[10. December, 2009]

New disks installed
Defective disk changed. Also added some new ones.
Hopefully we can achieve better stability and performance with these measures.
[29. November, 2009]

Broken disk again
Another disk broke last night. Hope to fix it during the week end.
[28. November, 2009]

Changed one disk
Changed one hard disk yesterday. So far no new problems. Keeping our fingers crosed.
[19. November, 2009]

Pestered with disk problems
We have reoccuring problems with disks on the back end server. New disks have been ordered.
[17. November, 2009]

Blacklist problems
Our ISP, Vikenfiber, has gotten it's mail servers listed on several blacklists e.g. ix.dnsbl.manitu.net So some of you will not receive the updates.
[11. November, 2009]

Disk fixed
Hopefully updates should be ok again.
[11. November, 2009]

Hardware problems
A defective disk casues problems. Hope to change it this evening.
[10. November, 2009]

More electrical work
Electricians finished today. So more downtime. And again a hard disk broke on the back end server. Luckily we bought two spares today. Up and running now.
[15. December, 2008]

Power again
Electricians working in the building yesterday. So downtime. One hard disk broke on the back end server. Fixed now.
[13. December, 2008]

Power outage
Power outage for a couple of hours this afternoon (GMT). Everything should be ok now.
[23. October, 2008]

Update emails now being sent
After having talked to our ISP's tech support, emails are being sent again.
[13. October, 2008]

New ISP, new problems
Today we have encountered problems sending out emails through our new ISP. Will contact tech support monday morning (CET).
[12. October, 2008]

Users that donate USD 20 gets PRIORITY!
[9. Oct, 2008]
Read more > >

Up again
Moved to a new ISP (vikenfiber.no). Much faster. Hope for stability. Unsuccessfull attempt to change the disk. Need to investigate further. So even with new ISP WTP may be a bit slow.
[8. October, 2008]

Planned downtime
Planned downtime this afternoon (GMT) to fix the disk and move to a different ISP. Wish us luck!
[7. October, 2008]

Network problems
Due to an error our bandwith is reduced to under 200kb/s. We are working with our ISP nextgentel.no to fix it. We are not pleased!
[4. October, 2008]

HW Problems
A disk on our backend server broke. We are working on it. Service may be slow or non excisting until we get a replacement.
[3. October 2008]

Probles with Comcast and ATT
Comcast and ATT blocking the WTP update emails (from our ISP).
[13. August, 2008]

sbcglobal.net not accepting emails from WTP
sbcglobal.net is currently not accepting emails from our ISP.
So no WTP updates for sbcglobal.net user for now.
These problems usually goes away in a couple of days.
[27. June, 2008]

Comcast problem fixed
Comcast no longer blocking the WTP update emails.
[21. June, 2008]

Comcast is blocking WTP updates
Comcast is currently blocking all emails from WTP
(more correctly our ISP). Nothing we at WTP can do about it.
Sorry for the inconvinience. Let us hope Comcast
and our ISP sorts it out.
[17. June, 2008]

Spring cleaning
We are cleaning up. Accounts where we receive
many email bounces are suspended. These can be
unsuspended by contacting us.
[18. April, 2006]

Users that donate USD 20 gets PRIORITY!
[18. April, 2005]
Read more > >

WTP featured on BBC World
BBC World's internet magazine Click Online demonstrates WatchThatPage.
[24. April, 2004]

You can now help keeping WTP running.
[23. February, 2004]

Increased bandwidth
We have increased our bandwidth four times to be able to handle more users
[6. September, 2003]

HTTP link delimiter
Choose which HTTP link delimiter to use
[16. October, 2002]

Update on demand
Get fresh updates! Specify yourself when WatchThatPage should check for changes. Also, multi-update option available
[27. September, 2002]

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