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Weekly downloads is the number of pages you check every week. E.g. 10 pages 7 times a week is 70 weekly downloads (free).
20 pages two times a day every week day is 20x2x5 = 200 weekly downloads, which require account level 2 (10 UDS a year). A Priority account means you will be put in front of the line when the server calculates differences, and your updates will be delivered at the time you specify.

Yearly subscription price

LevelWeekly downloadsPriorityUSDEURGBPCAD
4800Yes 16.012.812.019.2
62000Yes 32.026.424.038.4
73000Yes 40.032.830.448.8
810000Yes 80.066.460.897.6
920000Yes 120.099.20000591.200005146.40001
1040000Yes 160.0132.8121.6195.2