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Here are two examples of actual emails sent from WatchThatPage.com.

The difference between the emails is that one user has specified Show me the changes in her profile, while the other has selected Only show me which pages has changed.

Please note that all the changes are collected in one email, even if they originate from several different web pages. This is done to streamline the information for you, so you can read all the new content in one go. Note! You also have the option to split the differences into several emails by using channels. Read more about channels.

Differences in page www.ibm.com/developerworks

RunTime: Block memory copy

In this month's RunTime column, Ed Bradford looks at the simple operation
of block memory copy, and begins to measure whether Linux or Windows 2000
is better at the job. (Linux)

Take control of the DOM, Part 2: Get to work incorporating weblets into
your HTML pages. (Java technology)

Differences in page www.tomalak.org

NY Times: Microsoft Is Ready to Supply a Phone in Every Computer. Weaving
improved versions of features Microsoft already offers, like online video
meeting software and Internet voice chat, and integrating them with a more
sophisticated version of the company's identity system, known as Passport,
Microsoft asserts that it will transform the very nature of the telephone.

JOHO: From August 1997; Rise of the Stupid Network. David Isenberg.
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